Improving HIV testing and care in Canada: I’m Ready and Sex Now – Test@Home

Interview with MAP scientist Dr. Sean B. Rourke and Prof. Nathan Lachowsky of CBRC on the CATIE Blog

HIV self-testing was approved in Canada in November 2020, largely thanks to research conducted by REACH Nexus, part of Unity Health Toronto’s MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions. But approval does not mean access – the next step is getting self-tests into the hands of people who don’t know they have HIV, and linking them to follow-up treatment and care.

REACH and the Community-Based Research Centre are working on two initiatives that will help do just that: REACH’s I’m Ready HIV self-testing research program (complete with the I’m Ready, Talk peer telehealth service, on which REACH partners with the CBRC) and the REACH-funded Test@Home component of the 2021 edition of CBRC’s Sex Now survey.

To learn more about these initiatives, CATIE spoke with Prof. Nathan Lachowsky of CBRC and Dr. Sean B. Rourke of REACH.

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