MAP is Canada’s largest research centre focused on health equity and the social determinants of health. Internationally recognized for groundbreaking science and innovation, MAP develops and implements real-world, evidence-driven program and policy solutions that disrupt cycles of socioeconomic exclusion and poor health. Learn more

MAP and Staples Canada have come together to raise awareness of inequity in Canada and fund the development of program and policy solutions.

The Scientists Leading the Way

Internationally recognized for groundbreaking science and innovation, MAP scientists are changing the way the world understands the health consequences of inequality in Canada.

What We Do

Through scientific excellence, a focus on rapid scale-up, and long-term community partnerships, our research is improving health — and lives — in Canada.

Research Projects

Our work covers a broad spectrum of interrelated topics, such as homelessness, harm reduction, and access to health care. Learn more by exploring some of our past and present work.

Survey Research Unit

The MAP Survey Research Unit (SRU) was created to consolidate, mobilize, and expand MAP’s considerable survey research capabilities and expertise. The SRU is passionate about data collection and quality. They provide access to hard-to-reach study participants and provide full research management services.