It’s time we asked Canadians what kind of family doctor care they want

Op-ed in The Hill Times by Dr. Tara Kiran

Family doctors are the front door of our health system. They’re where you go when you are sick. And they keep you from getting sick in the first place — providing immunizations, screening tests and care for chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma.

Family doctors connect you to other parts of the health system so you can get extra help when you need it. They know you as a person and can help guide you through tough decisions.

But for too many people in Canada, that front door is now closed. Even before the pandemic, 4.6 million people in Canada didn’t have a family doctor. The pandemic has just made things worse.

Research we published earlier this month found twice as many family doctors stopped working during the first six months of the pandemic compared to what would have been expected based on trends from the past decade.

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