It’s time to put down the phone and see your doctor in person, physicians say

From the Toronto Star article

Is it time to go back to the doctor’s office?

“If you have a chronic condition like high blood pressure or diabetes, it’s important to measure your blood pressure on an ongoing basis,” said Dr. Tara Kiran, an associate professor at the Temerty School of Medicine and a family doctor at St. Michael’s Hospital. “Even if you have your own machine at home, it’s really important to come and see your doctor every year so that we can make sure the readings are the same as the ones in the office.”

“In my own practice, I’ve found it helpful to see people in person if they have mental health concerns,” said Kiran. “Sometimes you can have a good therapeutic relationship over the phone or on video but part of the recovery process is building that relationship and connecting with people.”

She continued: “I think your doctor is more likely to be there, paying attention and connecting with you, if you’re in person, just the way all humans would be.”

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