No stick and a small carrot: Can the federal government fix health care?

From the Toronto Star

This week on “It’s Political,” we take a look at what’s plaguing the country’s health-care system, from long wait lines in emergency rooms to the lack of family doctors. What will it take to fix health care in Canada?

First, we hear directly from health professionals about the problems they’ve witnessed firsthand and the solutions they’d like to see.

Then, host Althia Raj sits down with Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos to discuss the federal government’s new funding arrangement with the provinces, the minister’s expectations of what the money will buy, and his stance on the increasing presence of for-profit care.

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In this episode: Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, Toronto Star health reporter Megan Ogilvie, former federal health minister Dr. Jane Philpott, a family doctor, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences and director of the School of Medicine at Queen’s University, and CEO of the Southeastern Ontario Academic Medical Organization, Dr. Taylor Lougheed, a family, emergency, sport, and cannabinoid physician and chief of emergency medicine services at the North Bay Regional Hospital, longtime registered public health nurse Maureen Cava, who now works with the Safehaven Project for Community Living in Toronto, Dr. Katharine Smart, the past president of the Canadian Medical Association and a pediatrician who works in Whitehorse, Yukon, Dr. Alika LaFontaine, the president of the Canadian Medical Association and an anesthesiologist in Grande Prairie, Alberta, registered nurse Melanie Spence, who works in primary care in a community health centre in Toronto, Dr. Tara Kiran, a family doctor at St Michael’s Hospital, a scientist at the MAP Center for Urban Health Solutions, and the Fidani Chair in Improvement and Innovation at the University of Toronto. Hosted by Althia Raj.

Some of the clips this week were sourced from the CBC, Global, CTV and CPAC.

“It’s Political” is produced by Althia Raj and Michal Stein. Kevin Sexton mixed the program. Our theme music is by Isaac Joel.

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