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How to tackle homelessness in Ontario: Interview with Dr. Stephen Hwang speaks with MAP Director Dr. Stephen Hwang about hidden homelessness, encampments, our Beyond Housing network — and making sure people get the supports they need.

From the piece:

Hwang: “We’ve made progress. Things have changed dramatically over the course of the pandemic. And we’re now at a tipping point, because we’re in a new situation that can’t just be sustained as the new status quo. We’re going to either go forward and solve some of these problems permanently or we’re going to just go back to the way things were, and it’ll be even worse than it was before. I think it’s really impossible to imagine that we will go back. Before, we could imagine that homelessness would just kind of grumble along the same way it always had, and nothing would change, except around the edges. Now I think that things have changed, and the system has been destabilized in a way that means we will either make substantial progress toward addressing the problem or things will get even worse. That’s my take on it.”

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