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Improving outcomes for people experiencing chronic homelessness

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Access to Health Care

Homelessness and Housing

Solutions Networks

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In Canada, more than 35,000 people are homeless each night.

Many people experiencing chronic homelessness have serious physical and mental health problems, and frequent hospital admissions. Housing and health are closely connected; poor health can contribute to housing issues, and vice versa.

The Housing First model, which provides subsidized housing along with case management supports, has been implemented in cities around the world and proven effective for rapidly ending chronic homelessness. However, Housing First is less successful in improving people’s health status and social inclusion.

The Solution

The Beyond Housing Network is co-designing and testing an augmented Housing First approach that focuses on access to services as well as addressing health, trauma, and community and cultural connections — recognizing the link between these areas and housing challenges. We will implement the new model in Toronto, working closely with community partners, and rigorously evaluate both its implementation and outcomes.

Housing First interventions are scaling up worldwide. If our new, more holistic model is successful, it will be of great interest to policy-makers and service providers across Canada and beyond.

Access to Health Care

Homelessness and Housing

Solutions Networks

Dr. Stephen Hwang

MAP director Dr. Stephen Hwang is one of the world's most renowned researchers in homelessness, housing and health. His groundbreaking research changed the conversation about homelessness and precarious housing in Canada - these are critical health crises that can be prevented.


  • Dr. Tim Aubry (University of Ottawa)
  • Lucille Bruce (End Homelessness Winnipeg)
  • Betty Edel (End Homelessness Winnipeg)
  • Dr. Anne Gadermann (University of British Columbia)
  • Kira Heineck (Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness)
  • Patrick Hunter (Employment and Social Development Canada)
  • Deborah Kraus (BC Housing)
  • Terry Pariseau (Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness)
  • Tim Richter (Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness)
  • Veronica Snooks (Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness)
  • Dr. Vicky Stergiopoulos (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)
  • Saad Talia (Toronto Alliance to End Homelessness)
  • Dr. Sam Tsemberis (Pathways Housing First)


  • John Ecker, Research Manager
  • Kate Francombe Pridham, Research Program Manager
  • Linh Luong, Research Coordinator

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Linh Luong

Research Coordinator