Join MAP panel to guide equitable primary care

MAP scientists Drs. Aisha Lofters and Nav Persaud are forming a citizen panel that will make recommendations to promote equitable access to preventative care interventions – including cancer screening and screening for cardiovascular disease – during the pandemic recovery period.

Who is encouraged to apply?

  • People who have experience with primary care (as a provider, administrator, and/or patient).
  • Racialized women and others who are typically underrepresented in clinical practice planning are especially welcome.
  • No research experience is needed, and panel members will be supported with opportunities for learning about relevant health care terms, practices, and concepts.

We strive to create a supportive environment for this work focused on health equity. Panel members will be compensated at a rate of $100 per hour using funding for this project from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. We estimate that over the coming year, panel members will spend approximately 10 hours reviewing materials and approximately 10 hours participating in meetings that will take place during normal working hours (usually from 1 to 3 pm EST). Panel members will be co-authors of the resulting article presenting the recommendations aimed at promoting health equity through preventative health care during the pandemic recovery period.

Questions? Please contact Dr. Nav Persaud at