Cutting through the COVID confusion

Op-ed by Dr. Tara Kiran published on Healthy Debate

Every day, thousands of Canadians are infected with COVID. But this isn’t March 2020. As a result of high rates of vaccination and the particulars of Omicron, the overwhelming majority of those getting COVID currently will not need hospital care. What Canadians do need to be able to ride out this wave is information, support at home and timely access to primary care.

And what primary care teams need is reliable resources to help guide us through the ever-changing thicket of research, public health guidance and tools for prevention and treatment. We need to support most people to manage on their own while also identifying and helping people who need timely interventions to keep them from becoming seriously sick.

On the ground and at the front line, it seems that information – our most valuable asset in the Omicron wave – isn’t getting through clearly.

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