Workplaces were source of 25% of Manitoba’s COVID-19 community-linked cases last fall

Retail stores, health-care facilities among top community sources for 6-week period, provincial data shows

From the CBC News article:

…Toronto social epidemiologist Dr. Farah Mawani said other factors may have been at play in the high number of workplace-related cases.

“If people are in precarious positions — where they don’t have a commitment to a longer contract, their income is low, they have limited benefits … they’re in a position where they don’t have the power to challenge lack of safety in the workplace,” she said.

“They don’t have the power to choose to stay at home if they’re sick or if a member of their household is sick.”

She said it’s important to look at some of the systemic factors that might prevent someone from working from home.

“One thing that we do know globally, and certainly in Canada, [is] a very high proportion of people working in precarious employment conditions are our racialized people. And many of them are also immigrants who are underemployed.”

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