Welcome to MAP’s new website

A message from Dr. Stephen Hwang, director of MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions.

Earlier this year, the Centre for Urban Health Solutions (C-UHS) became MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions. Today, we make our new name official with the launch of our new website.

Why MAP? It’s not an acronym. Instead, it represents our vision and our purpose.

Together with our community and policy partners, we are charting the way to the world’s healthiest cities: places where people, communities, and the political, economic, social, environmental, and health infrastructures come together so that everyone can thrive.

We are St. Michael’s MAP to a healthier future for all.

Although our old name (C-UHS) was relatively new, now is the right moment to update it. The past year has been a time of tremendous growth and excitement at the centre. We have expanded to almost double our team of scientists and research staff. Our two-year, $25 million fundraising campaign has reached a milestone of $18 million. This past summer, MAP scientists also received more than $18 million in federal funding and two new Canada Research Chair appointments. After many months of planning, we are on the cusp of launching 10 national, solutions-focused networks to target and interrupt the health effects of inequality in cities across Canada. These networks will come together in a MAP-hosted national symposium in March 2020.

MAP’s mission is, as always, to create a healthier future for all. Internationally recognized for groundbreaking science and innovation, MAP scientists continue to change the way the world understands the health consequences of social inequality in cities. Our focus on solutions and deep commitment to community and policy partnerships remain the same.

Please join us as we work together to address critical urban health challenges in our communities. I hope you’ll explore our new site to learn more about our scientists, our purpose and our work. Join our newsletter and follow MAP on Twitter to watch our progress and learn more about the issues we study.

This is an exciting time at MAP. Thank you for being part of it.


Dr. Stephen Hwang
Director, MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions