New report finds ‘critical and alarming gap’ in high quality, comprehensive and inclusive data for urban Indigenous populations in Canada

More than one-quarter of Indigenous adults living in Toronto have had a close friend or relative disappear or go missing, according to a comprehensive new report on the health and health-care needs of Indigenous people in Canada’s largest city.

Yet 18 per cent of those missing people were never reported to police, according to the report, Our Health Counts Toronto, released today.

The report also found that one in 10 Indigenous adults in Toronto have had to file a missing person’s report with police for a child or relative and one in three have had a close friend or relative die as a result of violence caused by another person.

Our Health Counts Toronto is the largest urban Indigenous population health study in Canada. The research was conducted by Indigenous people for Indigenous people, said project lead Dr. Janet Smylie, a researcher at St. Michael’s Hospital and one of the first Métis physicians in Canada…

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