“We Defined Each Other:” MAP Celebrates 25 Years

In 1998, St. Michael’s Hospital’s past CEO Jeff Lozon founded MAP during a turbulent time. The hospital was facing a major financial crisis. A forced and highly controversial merger sparked fears and protest among incoming staff and physicians. Yet these two challenges ultimately defined MAP’s mission and unique value, and pushed St. Michael’s to evolve into the national leader it is today.

Stephen Hwang and Ahmed Bayoumi were two of the very first scientists recruited to what was then known as the “Inner City Health Research Unit.” In this reflective and heartfelt discussion, Jeff, Stephen and Ahmed look back at MAP’s beginnings and what it meant to embed an equity-focused research centre within St. Michael’s Hospital.

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Learn More: View a timeline of MAP’s history. Read a Toronto Star piece about St. Michael’s ‘highly political’ 1998 merger with the Wellesley Hospital.

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