Fixing the COVID-19 data gap in urban Indigenous communities: Interview with Dr. Janet Smylie

Dr. Janet Smylie speaks with CBC News’ Rosemary Barton on the lack of COVID-19 data for urban Indigenous communities in Canada.

“I’m very concerned right now. In fact I’ve been very concerned – and working with others to try to address this complicated problem – since the onset of the pandemic here in Canada… Currently we are faced with a federal and jurisdictional hot potato, and unfortunately it’s not only in the delivery of health services, it’s also in our health information systems. I see an opportunity to bridge that gap.” – Dr. Janet Smylie

The previous week, CBC News reporter Natasha Fatah interviewed Dr. Smylie on the same topic, following an announcement by Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller that Ottawa was pledging $250,000 to launch Dr. Smylie’s new data modelling platform, to inform the government’s responses to the virus’s spread in Indigenous communities.