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Substance Use and Harm Reduction

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Against the backdrop of an increasingly fractured global policy regime, we are working to help governments around the world to set the right targets for drug policy, and evaluate what matters.

The Drug Policy Metrics Map is a global, interactive, online tool that allows users to identify the measures of success that national governments are using to evaluate the real-world impacts of their drug policies. It examines the impacts of drugs and drug policies on health, peace and security, development and human rights.

Governments have traditionally identified the success or failure of drug policies based on their capacity to reduce the supply of illegal drugs. This narrow scope coupled with the use of process-oriented indicators – such as the number and quantity of drug seizures or the number of people arrested for drug offences – fails to capture the real-world impacts of drugs and drug policies.

Through better indicators to measure the success or failure of both new and existing drug policies, we are helping governments do better in fostering the health and safety of communities affected by drugs.

Global Health

Substance Use and Harm Reduction

Dr. Dan Werb

A sought-after source of expertise on addictions and drug policy, Dr. Werb has devoted his career to the development of effective solutions to protect health and human rights among communities affected by drug use.



  • Justine Tanguay, Research Assistant
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