Canada should copy San Francisco’s quarantine strategy for the homeless: advocates

From the CTV News article:

…“If we don’t house people who are homeless, we often end up paying for the cost elsewhere and one of the most common places is within the health care system,” Dr. Stephen Hwang, the director of MAP Centre for Urban Health Solution at St. Michael’s Unity Health Toronto, told in a phone interview.

He said the approach prevented unnecessary hospitalizations and the new research bolstered public health officials’ general idea of allowing people with no fixed address to isolate in repurposed hotels in cities, which has be done in some Canadian cities, such as Calgary and Vancouver.

Hwang, a leading researcher in homelessness and housing who was not involved in the study, said those who were readmitted to hospital were more likely readmitted for “behavioural, mental health or addiction needs, rather than because they had worsening COVID.”

He said this finding echoed what he saw in similar programs in Toronto.

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