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Build back better: Every Canadian should have a family doctor


By Dr. Tara Kiran with contributor Dr. Danielle Martin

Imagine moving to a new city and automatically joining a local health-care team, just like children join their neighbourhood school. What if every Canadian had access to a social worker or pharmacist through a family practice team and could easily reach them via phone, video call or email?

The health of Canadians depends on easy and equitable access to high-quality primary care that is integrated with other parts of the health-care system. The need has never been more urgent.

During the pandemic, most doctor’s offices were open, but many Pap tests, diabetes visits and routine immunizations were delayed as patients understandably waited for lower case counts and vaccines. We now face a backlog of missed chronic disease and preventive care.

Additionally, more Canadians are facing mental health and addiction challenges that need primary care attention.

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