MAP Centre for Urban Health Solutions has launched 10 collaborative solutions networks with a common goal: to effect real-world social change by co-designing and demonstrating what works to address critical urban health challenges in our communities.

The networks came together for a symposium in March 2020. Learn more about the event

The networks are made up of more than 170 scientists, community partners, policy makers, and people with lived expertise from across the country. Together, network members are working to ensure that solutions are feasible, appropriate, and effective — and that they reflect the goals, priorities, and contexts of the communities they aim to serve. Learn more about the networks

This symposium was made possible in partnership with the St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation and thanks to the generous contributions of its visionary donors. We also wish to thank Jackman Reinvents for their incredible work bringing our message and work to life, and Spark Inc. for their superb event management.