MAP Community Expert Group (CEG) on Homelessness, Housing and Health

In Progress

Homelessness and Housing

The MAP Community Expert Group (CEG) on Homelessness, Housing, and Health is comprised of a group people with lived expertise of homelessness. The CEG was formed in 2020 and is working with MAP to align MAP’s research agenda on homeless and housing with community priorities and develop research insight that responds to community needs. The members of the group have extensive advocacy work in Toronto and bring diverse perspectives relating to homelessness, housing, and health.

Currently, the group meets on bi-weekly basis with three objectives:

  • Objective 1: The CEG provides advice to scientists at various stages of their research project on how they can engage and involve the community in their project.
  • Objective 2: The members meet to identify priority areas for new research projects on housing, homelessness, and health.
  • Objective 3: The members receive research training to increase their research capacity.

Homelessness and Housing


  • Bee Lee
  • Daniela Mergarten
  • Sa'ad Talia
  • Veronica Snooks
  • Rene Adams
  • Opal Sparks


  • Dr. Stephen Hwang
  • Kate Francombe Pridham
  • George Da Silva
  • Ayan Yusuf

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Ayan Yusuf