Evaluating the Coping Power Program for children with behavioural disorders

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The Coping Power Program is part of the Model Schools Pediatric Health Initiative (MSPHI), an innovative program to bring developmental and mental-health care to over 50 inner-city schools in Toronto.

Seventy-five per cent of the children receiving care through MSPHI are living with serious developmental and behavioural problems such as ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder and other complex mental-health issues.

The Coping Power Program provides cognitive behavioural therapy for these kids, in the school setting. The goals are to remove barriers to mental-health care and to increase children’s social competence, self-regulation, and positive parental involvement.

The initial results are very positive: 75% of students believe the program is improving their anger management skills; 83% report that the skills they’ve learned are helping them at school; and 90% of parents think the program is teaching them skills to manage their child’s behaviour more effectively.

We will continue to evaluate and expand the program over the coming year.

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Child and Youth Health

Dr. Sloane Freeman

A pediatrician in St. Michael's Hospital’s Inner City Health Program, Dr. Sloane Freeman has dedicated her career to groundbreaking work and research bringing school-based health care to under-served communities.


  • Dr. Brendan Andrade (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)


  • Tamlyn Freedman (St. Michael's Hospital)
  • Shane MacDonald (Centre for Addiction and Mental Health)


  • St. Michaels Hospital Foundation
  • St. Michael's Hospital AFP Innovation Fund


  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

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Dr. Sloane Freeman

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