The use of ‘vulnerable’ in research and health care

We often hear about helping “vulnerable groups” or doing work with “vulnerable populations.” We see this in strategic plans, websites, grant applications and research papers. But we don’t often hear precisely what it is that people are vulnerable to, how this vulnerability is produced, or by whom. And we don’t often discuss the role of health care institutions and research in producing vulnerability.

In their recent paper, Vagueness, power and public health: use of ‘vulnerable’ in public health literature, Amy Katz, Dr. Billie-Jo Hardy, Dr. Michelle Firestone, Dr. Aisha Lofters and Dr. Melody Morton Ninomiya analyze the use of terms such as ‘vulnerable populations’ in prominent public health journals, and unpack implications for research and practice. Join us as all five authors reflect on their findings in a conversation moderated by Dr. Patricia O’Campo.

A plain language discussion of the paper is available here

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January 16, 2020

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Room 240, 209 Victoria St., Toronto

(venue is wheelchair accessible)

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