Community Program Evaluation Certificate

An innovative evaluation curriculum for community residents and community workers in Regent Park.

Beginner-level evaluation experience for community residents and frontline workers

Now in its fourth year, the Regent Park Community Program Evaluation Certificate is offered for free in the Regent Park neighbourhood, and has more than 60 graduates. Our most recent module was focused on survey design for evaluation.

Led by Dr. Patricia O’Campo and Dr. Suzanne Zerger, the course draws on the expertise of MAP’s scientists, staff and Survey Research Unit. Students learn:

  • About different types of evaluation.
  • How to choose the best type of evaluation.
  • How to collect and analyze data.
  • How to share findings.

Find out more about learning approach and curriculum, and read an evaluation of the certificate program.

This course is run in partnership with U of T Innis College and the TD Centre of Learning in Regent Park. It’s open to people who live and/or work in the Regent Park area, and outreach is done through the TD Centre of Learning.

Contact info

Amy Katz
(416) 864-6060 ext. 77388