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Access to Health Care


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Access to Health Care


Dr. Andrew Pinto

Dr. Andrew Pinto is a family physician, director of the Upstream Lab at MAP, and CIHR Applied Public Health Chair in Upstream Prevention in Primary Healthcare.


  • Dr. Onil Bhattacharya (St. Michael’s Hospital)
  • Dr. Bruno da Costa (St. Michael’s Hospital)
  • Dr. Michelle Greiver (North York General Hospital)
  • Dr. Peter Jüni (St. Michael’s Hospital)
  • Christopher Meaney (University of Toronto)
  • Dr. Rahim Moineddin (Women’s College Hospital)
  • Dr. Braden O’Neill (North York General Hospital)
  • Dr. Malika Sharma (St. Michael’s Hospital)
  • Dr. Kevin E. Thorpe (St. Michael’s Hospital)
  • Dr. Karen Tu (Toronto Western Hospital)
  • Dr. Ross Upshur (Sinai Health System)


  • Rose Wang


  • Centre for Effective Practice
  • Prosper Canada
  • University of Toronto Department of Family and Community Medicine

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Rose Wang

Research Coordinator